Fun Desk Organizer

Hey there, crafters! Danielle and I are at it again! Today we are making this super fun desktop caddy for all sorts of things! First taught by Sam of Pootles Paper Craft (I do so love her videos!), it looked like fun! The directions are easy to follow! The only change I would make is that any of the measurements that are 1/4, change to 1/2. Her’s are 1/4 because that is the size of the cardstock that she has. So, here in the US, you could change that to 1/2 and have a smidge more space for your glue.

I went with black cardstock, because I knew that it would pop any color off it. I decided to pair the new Mix In papers with it, because they are so springy!

This thing fits so much stuff! And you can re-arrange the boxes inside (a bit, at least!)! Here you can see them all split apart. So you could grab one that has the items that you need, if you need to move to a different area!

You should totally go and check out Danielle’s creation (it’s so bright and springy!) and then go watch Sam’s video on how to put it together!

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